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a small inflamed elevation of skin that is nonsuppurative (as in chicken pox)

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1,2) It is characterized by a central maculopapule with a peripheral ring of scales, specifically notable on the palms and soles.
The BRAF inhibitors are associated with a nonspecific rash consisting of maculopapules and features similar to those of keratosis pilaris, giving the skin a sandpaperlike appearance.
21) Dermal eruptions were the main manifestation, including maculopapules, excoriations, and unusual vesicles and ulcers, etc.
Nonpruritic rashes developed in all patients and involved predominantly the trunk and extremities, represented by maculopapules on 8 patients, papulovesicles on 5 patients, and petechiae on 2 patients (Figure 2, panels B, C).
Cutaneous manifestations of CSS are present in approximately 50% of patients and may be divided into three categories: erythematous maculopapules, hemorrhagic lesions and cutaneous or subcutaneous nodules.