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Synonyms for masculinity

Synonyms for masculinity

the properties characteristic of the male sex

the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for men

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"The Times of Change: Men and Maculinity in South Africa." In: Ouzgane, L and R Morrell (eds) Changing Men in Southern Africa.
[T]oday's deep crisis of maculinity is eminently visible in popular culture, and nowhere more marked than around the femme fatale.
interpretation of moral purity movements in pre-Nazi Germany as (in Fout's view) a deliberate attempt "to regulate male behavior with the specific intent of countering the endeavors made by women to carve out a public role."(133) Scholars of the Middle Ages--a ripe field of research on gender issues--have also contributed to "male studies" in Christian history; several essays in the collection Maculinity in Medieval Europe critically explore issues pertaining to men and maleness.(134) Within Judaism studies, the scholarship of Daniel Boyarin, Michael Satlow, and Howard Eilberg-Schwartz further illuminates our understanding of "men in religion."(135)
1988 'Engineering humour: Maculinity, joking and conflict in shop-floor relations'.