Macrozamia spiralis

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large attractive palmlike evergreen cycad of New South Wales

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Leichhardt recorded gnunti was used to refer to Macrozamia spiralis around Brisbane in 1842/3 (Darragh and Fensham forthcoming:267).
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(Aust.) -wild White 1928; (generic) pineapple, zamia common fern, zamia palm knowledge Table 2: Table of Aboriginal names for Bowenia, Lepidozamia and Macrozamia plants and components in Australia identified by the author Species name Place Language group (underlined), Aboriginal name (for plant component) * Bowenia serrulata Qld Not located Bowenia spectabilis Qld Chiroo (1, 2) Gunyoo (3) Kungganji, Yidin, Djabugay Jayur (1,2,4) Giyoor (?Jayur) (5) Moo-nah (root or yam) (3,6) Ngadjonii Yawala (plant, seeds) (7) Kokoyimidir Jul-bin Lepidozamia hopei Qld Mullinburra Binggera Arumba (?Ngarumba) (2,3) N adjonii luubari (7) Yoco, Tooambi (edible nut) (5) Yidin, Djabugay Wunu (4,8) Lepidozamia Qld/ Kinney-buck (9) peroffskyana NSW Macrozamia spiralis Qld Gnunti (plant) (10) (possibly M.