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As primary consumers and decomposers of allochthonous and autochthonous detritus, diatoms, and macrophytes, benthic macroinvertebrates are the most basic link between aquatic and riparian vegetation and the rest of the stream community (Merritt et al.
We measured wet biomass of all collected macroinvertebrates on an AND Corporation GR-202 balance in the laboratory.
Families of macroinvertebrates vary in their sensitivity to disturbances such as pollution [10].
In the laboratory, samples were sieved (minimum sieve size 250 gm) and macroinvertebrates were separated and preserved in 70% alcohol.
The HMFEI score and EPT taxa number of macroinvertebrates were found to be statistically significant in the HSI for successful brook trout stream populations.
For example 49 US states use macroinvertebrates in their water quality monitoring programs.
As a result, some stream habitats might act as flow refugia where density-independent losses of macroinvertebrates are likely to be minimal (Lancaster & Hildrew 1993).
Nevertheless, other studies have shown wood in streams can increase macroinvertebrate production (Johnson et al.
The responses of macroinvertebrates to regulated river systems are often complex and variable.
Therefore, at each sampling point, we collected only a small subset of plants and all visible above ground macroinvertebrates in 50x50 cm quadrants (modified from Mostacedo & Fredericksen, 2000).
Akaahan TJA, Araoye PA, Azua ET (2015) Physico-chemical characteristics and macroinvertebrates of River Benueat Markurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
Based on the number and species of insects and other macroinvertebrates (small organisms) in a water sample, DEC is able to evaluate whether a waterway is healthy, or if there are water quality concerns.