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a diet consisting chiefly of beans and whole grains

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That man never stops moving ( whether he's skipping and bounding around the stage or finding it hard to maintain position on his piano stool ( it must be all that macrobiotic food.
We could all look this good if we ate macrobiotic food, drank only bottled Kabbalah water and practised yoga three times a day.
Tsunoda, 10th general owner of Hikage Chaya in the seaside town of Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, came across macrobiotic food eight years ago and thought the diet, consisting mainly of grains and vegetables with no added chemicals, meant a return to traditional Japanese dishes.
And encourages their cranky health crazes such as macrobiotic food and vitamin shots.
PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), Rosas's two-year-old professional performance school, is situated in a separate wing with its own kitchen that serves macrobiotic food.
People think we're a macrobiotic food company, but we're not," says Weiser.
Macrobiotic food nut Madge then hands out the yummy supplements to her vita-minions, who try not to appear too crestfallen.
They are only allowed to eat macrobiotic food - whatever that is - and when she and Guy Ritchie divorced, Madonna's chief concern seemed to be that when the children stayed with him, he might slip them the occasional hamburger.
I do hope Jay and Bey like macrobiotic food or things could get a bit, ahem, tasty.
The gnarly old yoga beast works herself to a frazzle on a diet of macrobiotic food and her own wee, and has to put up with Guy Ritchie, so good luck to her.
Powerful home remedies are made from macrobiotic food ingredients.
Madonna gets macrobiotic food delivered daily from Greenblatts.