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Canadian explorer (born in England) who explored the Mackenzie River and who was first to cross North America by land north of Mexico (1764-1820)

a Canadian river

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In confidence, of course, just as your girl told you; but even in confidence he never let on about Mackenzie.
to get to windward of the professors and Mackenzie too
Clephane of Dundee for Inspector Mackenzie of Scotland Yard.
A light burnt low on the landing, and by it I could see Mackenzie swaying and staggering in a silent tussle with some powerful adversary.
So dark was the night that we were in the cricketers' midst before we saw the shimmer of their pyjamas; and then Lord Amersteth almost trod on Mackenzie as he lay prostrate in the dew.
The Northwest Company, acting feebly and partially upon the suggestions of its former agent, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, had pushed one or two advanced trading posts across the Rocky Mountains, into a tract of country visited by that enterprising traveller, and since named New Caledonia.
Alexander M'Kay, had accompanied Sir Alexander Mackenzie in both of his expeditions to the northwest coast of America in 1789 and 1793.
Only when he thought of Miss Mackenzie there fell upon his mind a shadow of regret; that young lady was worthy of better things than plain John Nicholson, still known among schoolmates by the derisive name of 'Fatty'; and he felt, if he could chalk a cue, or stand at ease, with such a careless grace as Alan, he could approach the object of his sentiments with a less crushing sense of inferiority.
As he walked home, the thoughts of this excursion out of the safe places of life into the wild and arduous, stirred and struggled in his imagination with the image of Miss Mackenzie - incongruous and yet kindred thoughts, for did not each imply unusual tightening of the pegs of resolution?
They did not remain in one place, but travelled across country until they regained the Mackenzie River, down which they slowly went, leaving it often to hunt game along the small streams that entered it, but always returning to it again.
BILTON HALL middleweight Ewan Mackenzie, 19, and light welterweight Robbie Colman continued their winning form in their latest bouts.
Mackenzie has been practicing law in Windsor, Hants County, Nova Scotia since his admission to the Bar in 1977.
In the industry she's always told me to always be confident with myself and stay humble," Mackenzie told International Business Times of the best advice her sibling ever gave her.
29 September 2017 - Canadian investment manager Mackenzie Financial Corp.
LIVERPOOL Mayor Joe Anderson has handed reviled S*n columnist Kelvin MacKenzie his most withering takedown yet.