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AppleSearch will require powerful Macintoshes as servers, such as the Apple Workgroup Servers 60, 80, or 95, Quadras, or Centris models.
AppleSearch's accessibility will alter the way in which we work with Macintoshes and our patrons in providing information.
Also, Macintoshes are to participate more fully in IBM System Network Architecture for exchanging information across large networks.
Scott Montgomery, art director at Young & Laramore in Indianapolis, feels so passionately about Macintoshes that two years ago when he started work at the firm, he offered to buy it a Macintosh.
Macintoshes are frequently a link between ad agencies and their corporate clients.
However, the market research firm Dataquest (San Jose, Calif.) estimates that 40,000 Macintoshes were purchased and shipped to be used with computer-aided design software packages in 1989.
Overall, however, CAD currently appears to account for a small percentage of the applications run on the 1.2 million Macintoshes that Dataquest said were shipped in 1989.
"In each case," Finnegan notes, "the idea is to distribute information (both local and external) over the network to intelligent terminals (the Macintoshes)." He stresses that the two systems are both "developing from the key concept of the workstation, to which (and from which) information is exchanged and worked upon."
Outfitted with 18 Macintoshes, the office allows students to experience the realistic flow of information and resultant decision-making that occurs from the use of business software applications.
And now that Apple Computer is aware of the movement and is moving to support it, the number of Macintoshes in high schools can be expected to grow even more rapidly.
But we started adding Macintoshes early on as well, and over the course of the past four years, we've gradually switched over to using Macs exclusively.
Computers on the Ethernet, including Mac IIs with Ethernet boards, can be shared by the Macintoshes on all the connected networks, as can AppleTalk resources located anywhere on the LAN.
At the University of Tennessee, Howard Ramagli, director of technology support services, is using PacerLink and PacerShare software to allow a VAX8700 computer running the VMS operating system to provide terminal access and AppleShare-like file service to Macintoshes via PhoneNet, Kinetics bridges and Ethernet.
Cornell has a number of IBM PCs as well as Macintoshes.
Administrative Computing purchased one of the first Macintoshes on campus.