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a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools

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Cutting molds to specifications like these used to be a burden for machinists. The seal had to be duplicated in metal, contour for contour, in 3-D and in reverse (since the mold has to be the reverse of the part).
Gibbs gives the machinists the ability to program and run the job in the most efficient way for that machinist in those circumstances.
DeFrancisci, co-owner of DEMACO, a designer and builder of industrial pasta machines, also volunteers as the President of Space Coast Machinist Apprenticeship Program.
Machinists of the future, especially those interested in working in medical manufacturing, will require at least some engineering and software knowledge to operate complex precision machining equipment.
When the women machinists at Halewood walked out soon afterwards, Ford knew they had a fight on their hands.
The crank, who describes his sexual orientation as "machinist", claims he "married an object in New Mexico with female-like features".
That last enhancement, useful for machinists working with 2D/3D wireframe CAD data, eliminates relying on linked and taper profile commands, making it easier to work with intricate profile shapes.
and the other machinists smirk and laugh at him and mumble
6 April 2016 - US-based labour union the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has released a cautious statement regarding the proposed merger of Seattle, US-based Alaska Airlines and California-based Virgin America Airlines, the union said.
But when it comes to finding highly skilled machinists to work on its specialist mountaineering shirts, Slaithwaite-based McNair Designs is finding itself stitched up.
Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make: From Home Shop Machinists, Revised Edition
The Labour Exchange, who reputedly have 2,000 vacancies, tell us that 1,800 of these are for the skilled machinists and an official said to me the other 200 are twopenny-halfpenny jobs.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry News) Fri, Jan 31, 2014 - Boeing notched up bonuses for engineers, machinists and other employees on Thursday Jan.
Under the terms of the eight-year contract extension, Boeing said the 777X and its composite wing will be built in the Puget Sound area by Boeing employees represented by the Machinists union.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee, trying to keep work on the jet in Boeing's Seattle commercial hub, urged a Machinists local yesterday to allow balloting on the givebacks.