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Machilus (Lauraceae) trees in Huisun Forest, Taiwan, colonized by Xyleborus glabratus and Raffaelea lauricola.
Identification of wood between Phoebe zhennan and Machilus pingii using the gas chromatographymass spectrometry direct injection technique.
species 1 Pinus massoniana, Schima superba, Euodia lepta 2 Pinus massoniana, Schima .superba, Castanea henryi 3 Pinus massoniana, Schima superba, Castanea henryi 4 Pinus massoniana, Schima superba, Castanea henryi 5 Aporusa yunnanensis, Cryptocatya concinna, Ormosia, fordiana 6 Cironniera subaeyualis, Sterculia lanceolata, CEryota ochlandra 7 Schima superba, Castanea henryi, Cryptocarya concinna 8 Engelhardtia roxburghiana, Rhododendron henryi, Machilus breviflora Table 2.
Zhu, "Comparison of leaf phenotypic traits and biomass allocation of different provenances of Machilus pauhoi," Journal of Anhui Agricultural University, vol.
Cinnamomum tamala, Cedrus deodara, Cornus capitata, Lyonia ovalifolia, Machilus duthiei, Myrica esculenta, Quercus floribunda, Quercus leucotrichophora, and Symplocos chinensis were widely distributed and present on all the sites.
Distribucion y sustratos: se ha encontrado creciendo sobre tallos caidos de restos herbaceos en Taiwan (Chen et al., 1991); sobre Machilus velutina, Pandanus furcatus, Phoenix hanceana, Pinus massoniana y en madera sumergida en Hong Kong y China (Lu et al., 2000; Zhuang, 2001, Tsui et al., 2001a, 2001b; Ho et al., 2002; Jiang et al., 2008) y en Licuala longicalycata en Tailandia (Pinruan et al., 2007).
In both hemispheres, there were representatives of a pan-tropical Arcto-Tertiary flora in which many families were abundant, such as the Lauraceae (Laurus, Persea, Machilus, Cinnamomum); Anacardiaceae (Rhus, Pistacia); Theaceae (Camellia); Moraceae (Celtis, Morus, Brousonnetia); Hamamelidaceae (Hamamelis, Liquidambar); Aquifoliaceae (Ilex); Ericaceae (Arbutus, Gaulteria); Fagaceae (Castanea, Fagus, Nothofagus, Castanopsis, Lithocarpus, Quercus); Fabaceae (Albizia, Acacia, Robinia, Cercis); and Saxifragaceae (Ribes, Hydrangea).
Thanks to these efforts, the parks and the special areas now contain a wide variety of vegetation, including native and introduced tree species, including camphor tree, machilus, schima, acacia, slash pine and Brisbane box.
Histocytological aspects of four types of ambrosia galls on Machilus zuihoensis Hayata (Lauraccae).
Warm-temperate evergreen forests in East Asia occur primarily at low elevations and feature the dominant genera Machilus (Persea), Castanopsis, Quercus, Lithocarpus, Cinnamomum, and Neolitsea [1].
Background: The bark of Machilus thunbergii (Lauraceae) has been used as a folk medicine to treat abdominal pain and distension, and leg edema in Korea.
Lee, "Proanthocyanidins from the leaves of Machilus philippinensis," Journal of Natural Products, vol.
Tree species Family Province(s) Number of specimens Phoebe zhennan Lauraceae Sichuan 21 Machilus nanmu Lauraceae Sichuan 6 Cinnamomum camphora Lauraceae Sichuan, Hunan 7 Phoebe neurantha Lauraceae Fujian 4 Schima superba Theaceae Fujian 1 Picea asperata Pinaceae Sichuan 6 (all the same collection)