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a small wave on the surface of a liquid

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(b) If the interface is located between two dissimilar materials, the wave energy of the slip pulse initially traveling at the subsonic Rayleigh wave speed of the acoustically stiffer material 1 can be transferred along the initially contacting region at an even higher supershear (i.e., over the S wave) speed with respect to the acoustically more compliant material 2, and a strong Mach wave (sometimes called a "shock wave") with high-frequency components is generated in the material 2.
At an initial stage, a Mach wave may be generated around the upper tip of the supershear rupture.
(49) Moreover, such a pulse running in a bimaterial system and generating Mach waves may cause serious damage in a specific concentrated zone such as found in Kobe immediately after the January 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu, Japan, earthquake (moment magnitude [M.sub.w] = 6.9) (Fig.
High-speed jet noise is dominated by Mach wave emission, which arises when turbulent eddies in the jet travel with supersonic velocity relative to the surrounding medium, radiates in the downstream direction, and is caused by the supersonic convection of eddies relative to their surrounding medium (Nielsen, Papamoschou 2009; Tam 1995; Avital et al.
Reducing the Mach wave emission is a key challenge for making high-speed transport environmentally acceptable (Seiner, Krejsa 1989).