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the increase in aerodynamic drag as an airplane approaches the speed of sound

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Dubbed the WU-14 by the Pentagon, it is launched by an ICBM, then glides back to Earth at Mach 10.
Walter got nicked with a Mach 10, a Magnum, high-velocity bullets, armour-piercing bullets and all them and these other bullets that were supposed to be the same bullets that killed Jill Dando.
3, the phase shift under Mach 10 is almost negligible, so Mach 12 is considered here evaluating BER performance under different incident frequencies and SNRs.
Based on both internal and published documents, interviews with project participants, and the author's own observations, Road to Mach 10 offers an insider's detailed view of one of the most exciting flight research projects in several decades.
com), Drives and Controls Show, Air-Tech, and the International Fluid Power Exhibition (IFPEX) all taking place between the 8-10 June at the NEC, Birmingham will form part of the manufacturing and engineering series of shows alongside MACH 10, Subcon, Electrex, and IP&EE.
They turned the light on and opened fire with a Mach 10 sub machine gun at a figure lying wrapped in a duvet.
Peebles, a NASA contractor, documents the history of the X-43 project, which involved extensive testing of the first scramjet engine that was capable of speeds of up to Mach 10.
The first sustained speeds approaching Mach 7, or seven times the speed of sound, the second reached almost Mach 10.
In addition, the HTV-3, flying at Mach 10, will be designed to achieve high aerodynamic efficiency and to validate external heat barrier panels that will be reusable.
Shah also faces four firearms offences - two offences of possession of a Mach 10 sub-machinegun and a 9mm pistol with intent to endanger life and two charges of illegal possession of those weapons.
Although NASA's X-43A and other hypersonic airplanes uses air-breathing engines and fly much like 747s, there is a big difference between ripping air at Mach 10 (around 7,000 mph) and cruising through it at 350 mph.
RCN Corporation (Pink Sheets: RCNI) has begun a company-wide launch of MegaModem Mach 10.
All the engines for X-43A have been point-specific designs to function just at Mach 7 or just at Mach 10, or within a range around these Mach numbers.
Letisha Shakespeare, 17, and Charlene Ellis, 18, were each hit three times in a volley of fire from a Mach 10 machine pistol.