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landlocked republic on the Balkan Peninsula

the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and Bulgaria

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The official name, the guidelines say, is Republic of North Macedonia, or North Macedonia for short.
Greece's objections to Macedonia's entry to NATO will be dropped following the name-change deal.
According to a statement from the Macedonian Presidency, President Gjorge Ivanov will not sign a law approving the deal to change his country's name to the Republic of North Macedonia.
Due to Athens' veto, the dispute has been one of the main obstacles to Macedonia's ambitions to join NATO and the EU.
On Sunday, Macedonia and Greece signed a historic deal aimed at settling the name dispute that has lasted longer than the 14 years it took Alexander the Great to conquer the world.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden Pecat reminds us of the criticism directed to Prime Minister Zaev and asks does he have the courage to say that he believes in Macedonia? Since Macedonia is also those who are angry and disappointed; Macedonia is Mickoski and his team, Macedonia are the hard-liners, Macedonia is one people who will believe in Zaev only if he honestly, not hypocritically, with deeds and not with words!--really believes in Macedonia.
A group of Albanian intellectuals prepared an Albanian Memorandum on the name issue of Macedonia. At the same time, they wrote that "the names offered for resolving the name dispute of Macedonia by mediator Matthew Nimetz: Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Nova Makedonija, Republic of Vardar Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) are very questionable to them".
Greece has launched an investigation after its foreign minister received a letter from unknown sources threatening him and his family over efforts to resolve a dispute over the name of Macedonia, the Greek civil protection minister said on Friday.
The British Embassy in Macedonia hosted The Queen's 90th Birthday Party on 16 June in Skopje.
Macedonia and the United States enjoy a cooperative relationship across a broad range of political, economic, cultural, military, and social issues.
In Ivanov's opinion, the people of Macedonia are tired of the blockade of Macedonia's European integration and the indecisiveness of the Council of the EU.
The European Commission will require from Macedonia to establish a amedia culturea, according to publications by Macedonian newspaper.
The Republic of Macedonia, a tiny landlocked country of just over 2-million people and one of the successor states resulting from the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, has been seeking accession to the European Union for almost the past decade, without any success.