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the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and Bulgaria

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SARABAND'S SELECTIONS AYR: 2.30 Gaudy, 3.00 Dark Crystal, 3.30 Itsnowcato, 4.00 Thorntoun Lady, 4.30 Chosen One, 5.00 King Of Macedon, 5.30 Hunting Tower.
Philip's grand strategy had two aims: to unify the Macedonian state into an effective national entity, and to expand Macedon's hegemony over all of Greece.
Brill's companion to ancient Macedon; studies in the archaeology and history of Macedon, 650 BC-300 AD.
Alexander's conquests, Waterfield points out, cut "a narrow swath across Asia and back, leaving much untouched." What he did leave was a mess: no will, no blood heir -- but a pregnant Queen Rhoxolane back home in Macedon. Hopes for primacy immediately fired up Alexander's senior generals (more than a dozen in number); and while they managed at first to consolidate the vast assembly of territories, within forty years they and their successors had carved it up.
International Resource News-May 4, 2011--Technip awarded contract for Macedon gas project(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Ancient Worlds (9.00pm) Archaeologist and historian Richard Miles explores the triumphs and legacy of Alexander the Great, the conqueror who rose from the kingdom of Macedon and went on to control an empire that stretched from Egypt in the West to Afghanistan.
BHP Billiton Limited (ASX:BHP) (NYSE:BHP) has approved the Macedon gas development located in the Exmouth Sub-basin, Western Australia.
The coins included one-drachma and four-drachma pieces, with engravings or inscriptions referring either to Alexander or his father, Philip of Macedon. Reports say the coins have been turned over to the national archaeological museum, and will help further understanding of the Hellenistic period, from the fourth to the first centuries before Christ.
AT&T's third site is to be located in Macedon, providing service for the village of Macedon and customers travelling along Route 31, Macedon Center Road, Route 350, Route 312 and Canandaigua Road.
The Macedon Ranges are renowned for boutique wineries, the eerie Hanging Rock and excellent views of Melbourne.
Philip of Macedon gave a standing order to his slave to come into the King's presence every morning regardless of what the King was doing and say, "Philip, remember that you must die." We all die without exception.
The Ava in Bangor has Curly Flat Pinot Noir 2000 from the Macedon Range in South Australia reduced from pounds 26.99 to pounds 12.99 at the minute and wine manager Sam Brannigan says he cried when he finished a bottle.
Thus all Thrace, Pannonia, and the whole country as far as Macedon and Thessaly were filled with Barbarians, who pillaged all in their way."
* Top Telescopes, 3332 Eagles Roost Lane, Macedon, NY 14502; 315-986-2274;