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an official who carries a mace of office


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Soon after, he was asked if he would like to work for Cardiff's Lord Mayor as a mace-bearer, and, a week on from an interview with the Lord Mayor's secretary, he got the job.
. In June 1974 Clr Hartley complained that his mace-bearer was over-worked and needed a deputy..
They rose when white-gloved Mace-bearer Peter Jones - normally known as the director of legal services - entered with the chamber with the Royals.
Mike Bee was chauffeur and mace-bearer for the Mayor of Kirklees for 25 years.
HISTORIC DAY: Stanley Womersley (right) being robed by mace-bearer J H Ackroyd in 1973 as he became the final Brighouse Borough Council mayor of (
Why isn't the entire council led by the mayor and mace-bearer marching round our Civic Centre on Sunday hollering Happy Birthday?
David Shaw, of Shelley, seemed certain that Sam Ford went on to become Huddersfield's mace-bearer. Several people thought that the only former policeman to become a Huddersfield mace-bearer was Harry Jackson, the pirouetting point man from St George's Square who served with the Borough Police from 1954 to 1973.
David Shaw, of Shelley, said Sam went on to become Huddersfield Town Hall's mace-bearer.