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a British dandy in the 18th century who affected Continental mannerisms

pasta in the form of slender tubes

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Marlow's association with her changes his understanding so that he abandons the masculinity that made him the butt of Tony's country waggery and, as a result, he no longer faces the threat of town ridicule as the "Dullissimo Maccaroni."
London Magazine praises Man and Wife in "Account of the Maccaroni" in April 1772.
the East India Company begot Lord Clive; Lord Clive begot the Maccaronies, and they begot poverty--and all the race are still living; just as Clodius was born before the death of Julius Caesar.
Ron Maccaroni, the DISA Deputy Comptroller, followed with an overview of DISA efforts to meet the President's Management Agenda for performance results.
Maccaroni explained the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), the Administration's standard mechanism for measuring effectiveness of every federal program.
You could also cut out pictures of food or use raw uncooked maccaroni and beans to create a favourite dish.
Warren Maccaroni, vice president for human resources, explains that the leaders of the organization will have a strategy and goal-setting meeting prior to each business year.
Unlike many companies that review objectives only annually, at DADC "the responsibility is on the employee to set meetings with the supervisor to review progress toward the goals at least four times a year," says Maccaroni. At year-end, employees complete a self-evaluation, which is used by the supervisor to help complete a supervisor appraisal form.
weekend Butter priced at DJs in attendance include Goldierocks, Pressure Sound Wales (who have been collecting high grade vinyl for over 20 years, and been running nights for 10 years playing Dub to Dancehall), Stevie Bear, Hi Def Sound System (specialising in DJ based nights focusing on Hip Hop, Drum n Bass and Reggae), Caribbean mashup vibes from Ennio Maccaroni, and the delightfully named DJ Fflyffilyfbybl.
The Province of Khuzestan has a wide array of local delicacies such as sh Dowa, Kaleh Pacheh, Koofteh Berenji, Panirak, Baqala, Sa'din, Hamis Tooleh, Samosa, Siloon Va Ardeh, Toochiri, Hashow, Doroshteh, Sholeh Ardeh, Maccaroni with carrot, Qolqol, Meat Roles, Chalpateh, Mahbooseh, Meat bread, Dandro, Hariseh, Omlet, Khoresht Bamiyeh, Khoresht Shalqam, Nesha', She'riyeh, Ma'saleh Date, a variety of curries, local bread and pickles.
"I therefore brought in two top-quality strikers in Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Mark Viduka over the summer, whilst we have Job, Nemeth, Maccaroni and Christie all pushing them for a place too.
H[ddot{o}]rnli are the diminutive Swiss maccaroni and the Ziger sauce is, to my knowledge, the sole Swiss-created "sugo" for pasta.