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I decided to write a story about a Rhesus Macaque monkey which escapes captivity and proceeds to cause complete havoc thereafter.
And we admire elegance and power: we were blown away when scientists used CRISPR to engineer two macaque monkeys, demonstrating the vast potential of gene editing (see "Genome Editing," May/June 2014).
The macaque monkey that I observed was calmly carrying out finger manipulation tests while electrodes monitored the cells of her spinal cord.
To solve this problem, we attempted to establish a large animal model for ABIs in a rhesus macaque monkey to explore the array of the cochlear nucleus (CN) complex, which would thus lay the foundation for the investigation of the mechanisms of auditory recovery after implant surgery.
The second incident took place just a day later as pictures of another macaque monkey tied to a car was circulating on social media networks.
What's even more surprising is that this macaque monkey is using human hair as dental floss - plucked from the heads of tourists, not bought over the counter at Boots, in case you were wondering.
Nakhuda demonstrated outside Toronto's Animal Services offices, the agency that took the rhesus macaque monkey away from her.
By switching genetic material in macaque monkey eggs, the scientists effectively swapped one set of mitochondria for another.
By switching around genetic material in macaque monkey eggs, the scientists effectively swapped one set of mitochondria for another.
The stem cells were genetically identical to the "donor," a rhesus macaque monkey.
Researchers at the Oregon National Primate Research Center created two colonies of embryonic stem cells from embryos cloned from the DNA of an adult male rhesus macaque monkey.
An international consortium of researchers has published the genome sequence of the rhesus macaque monkey and aligned it with the chimpanzee and human genomes.
Scientists at Duke University reported recently that a macaque monkey with electrodes implanted in its brain could move a robot's arm, much as if it were moving its own arm.
The department considers the Java Macaque monkey a wild animal, and primates are not allowed as pets in NYC.
At behavioral detection threshold intensity, normal humans, macaque monkey, and goldfish all see a spectral light as colored when presented upon a white background.