Macaca mulatta

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of southern Asia

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The LOC534614 gene represents a protein similar to myosin heavy chain, fat skeletal muscle, embryonic isoform 1 in the dog, and myosin_1 (Myosin heavy chain D) in Macaca mulatta.
Some of the Macaca mulatta monkeys have grown so big feasting on food thrown to them by zoo visitors that they find it hard to move around their 420 square meter enclosure.
To find it out, Cedric Sueur of the Free University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium, and colleagues looked at how two species of macaque - Macaca tonkeana and Macaca mulatta - reach group decisions, such as when and where to move on.
About 30 per cent of the macaca mulatta monkeys appear to be overweight, with the group's top five porkers weighing almost five stone.
nesbitti was reported by Mandour in 1969 in skeletal muscles of Macaca mulatta monkeys (14).
Diagnosis and therapy of Pedicinus obtusus Infection on Macaca mulatta.