crab-eating macaque

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monkey of southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines

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At a certain times they deemed pest because of their large numbers like Macaca fascicularis a listed protected animal as per local Government jurisdiction.
Though globally classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a species of least concern, the Philippine subspecies, known as Macaca fascicularis philippensis, is classified as near threatened - having been largely hunted out of its original range.
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melanopogon Emballonuridae 110 (0) Total 699 (0) Primate Macaca fascicularis Cercopithecidae 50 (0) Species Test method * Specimen type ([dagger]) Chiroptera Pteropus lylei ELISA Serum Cynopterus brachyotis PCR Pooled C.
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