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(film) a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot

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She's been a featured reader at Cornelia Street, Parkside, Bowery, HiFi, et al, been published in Live Mag, MacGuffin Reader, Spit, Assembling, and The Big Book of Sex.
It's implicit in the idea of the "MacGuffin," mentioned in all these books in one way or another as it is in every account of the great man's life and work.
and mckidd In 2012, he voiced the characters of Lord MacGuffin and his son Young MacGuffin in the Disney/Pixar film Brave.
At its core is a shiny MacGuffin, an ornate brooch forged centuries ago by a master Jewish goldsmith.
"My daughters were always looking at a video about this sloth trying to pull itself out of a cradle, so as I was writing the book, it worked into kind of a MacGuffin [plot twist] in the book," he recalls.
Eoannou has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and stories from Muscle Cars have been published in selective journals like The MacGuffin, Rosebud, Hunger Mountain, Short Story America, and Hayden's Ferry Review.
Since 2005 his short stories have been accepted by more than 180 literary and commercial journals, magazines, and anthologies including the Picayune Literary Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, Shenandoah, and The MacGuffin. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his story "The Sweeper" He is a retired urban planner and an accomplished jazz and blues guitarist who once played with a symphony orchestra backing up jazz legend George Shearing.
Her work has appeared in The MacGuffin and Hawaii Review.
Brod believes that the novel has been misread, that "the comic book aspect of Kavalier & Clay tends to be treated like a Hitchcokcian MacGuffin," rather than as a major narrative component.
It's a great MacGuffin that allows for some wonderfully surreal and subversive moments.
Finally, his cameos also embrace the ultimate Hitchcock trick--the "MacGuffin," a plot point or object that acts as a decoy and, ultimately, means nothing to the final film.
There's no need to spend a grand on a motorbike, or that trendy macguffin they won't really like, that hi-tech wotsit, that shiny bling, that First Edition, that Virtual thing, because all they really want from you, amid the chaos and the noise, the family visits, the unwrapping of toys, all they really want from you, is to share in your being, your you-ness, your essence, to know you're really with them, giving your Christmas presence.
In the new smash-hit 3D animated film from Disney Pixar, Kevin is the voice of clan chief Lord MacGuffin.