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6 MAC classic lipstick Siss was pressed onto the lips with fingers.
Not only did the songs sound as if they belonged together, Williams and "In the Mourning,'' respectively, sounded as good as Nicks and the Fleetwood Mac classic.
11 all-star telethon; the Fleetwood Mac classic ``Landslide''; Patti Griffin's moving ``Top of the World'' and Radney Foster's lullaby to his son ``Godspeed (Sweet Dreams).
Driving the Mac IIsi is a 20MHz 68030 32-bit microprocessor, which runs programs up to five times faster than a Mac Classic.
Once in REALbasic(1), the projects can be compiled for a variety of target platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X and Mac Classic and all 32-bit versions of Windows, including Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.
And the 19-year-old was also thrilled to be asked to sing on the latest John Lewis TV advert, with her take on Fleetwood Mac classic Don't Stop.
One of the popular features of an Ayla Brown concert is her cover version of the Fleetwood Mac classic hit "Go Your Own Way.
A cover version of the Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams, will rocket into the American Top 40 when the charts are released this weekend.