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a police force that operates in secrecy (usually against persons suspected of treason or sedition)

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The aim of this study was to evaluate VEGF-A expression and MVD through expression of CD31 in endothelial cells in aggressive lymphomas such as DLBCL, in indolent lymphomas such as FL, and in lymph node reactive follicular hyperplasia (FH).
According to the contract synopsis from the Army Contracting Command - Warren (ACC-Warren), the MVD system integrates full-motion video from all sources at all vehicle crew stations.
The MVD conducted 30 controlled delivery operations in 2016 (up from 24 in 2015), including eight in cooperation with Kyrgyz authorities.
One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to assess the statistical significant differences in MVD among groups.
Abbreviations API: The absolute peak intensity CEUS: Contrast enhanced ultrasonography CT: Computed tomography CUS: Conventional ultrasonography HGG: High grade glioma LGG: Low grade glioma MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging MVD: Microvascular density ROI: Region of interest TTP: The time to peak TTS: Time to start VEGF: Vascular endothelial growth factor.
In our view myelination is not possible within few hours as patient is pain free immediately after surgery in MVD, which proves that theory of demyelination and remyelination after MVD is not appealing.
Our study has suggested that the levels of NO and eNOS were decreased markedly in MVD with one CTO group and further reduced in MVD with multiple CTO group.
MVD will be selling the DVD through major retailers and direct online at
Women are more likely than men to have heart disease in the network of small arteries of the heart, which is referred to as coronary microvascular disease (MVD),
The new, two-year contract also includes two, one-year renewal options that the New Mexico MVD can exercise to extend the contract through June 2018.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-July 24, 2014-New Mexico MVD signs deal with New Mexico Interactive