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Moreover, the MLE method to estimate unknown parameters and MTTF of products is presented in this study.
If the characteristic (random variable) of interest is time to failure (TTF), the corresponding SF is determined as the ratio of the MTTF to the STD of the TTF.
Preliminary DC life testing at power bias of PM power HEMTs at 250[degrees]C has yielded a MTTF of more than 225 hours.
Idhammar Monitor can display outstanding breakdowns, incomplete safety tasks, MTTF and recorded inspection failures.
She emphasized that a key role of the MTTF was to strengthen regional cooperation and capacity building in the member states.
a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 1 million hours utilising a conventional
Characteristics of Distribution Standard 50.0% Normal CI Estimate Error Lower Upper Hean (MTTF) 315147 25843.2 298190 333069 Standard Deviation 82745.3 27343.7 66213.1 103405 Hedian 317967 27312.7 300069 336933 Table 2.
A further factor for reliability analysis is the mean durability of a system which is represented by the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) and which is defined by the integral on the reliability:
MTTF is the mean value of the instrument have failed in a certain period of time.
Cada componente tiene una secuencia operativa dentro del sistema, en esta se encuentran, el tiempo medio hasta fallas (MTTF o "medium time to failure"), el tiempo medio de reparaciones (MTTR o "medium time to repair") y el tiempo medio entre fallas (MTBF o "medium time between failure"), como se definen en las ecuaciones (1), (2) y (3), respectivamente:
[7] investigated the viability of SRAM-based FPGAs in Earth-orbit environments by presenting a reliability model for estimating mean time to failure (MTTF) of SRAM FPGA designs in specific orbits and orbital conditions.
b 2.sub.B] 2.sub.[epsilon]] [M.sub.0] -- -4202.82 1.82E - 20 0.50 [M.sub.1] 4.13E - 07 -4586.56 5.06E - 20 0.53 [M.sub.2] 6.76E - 07 -4479.82 4.11E - 18 0.53 Log-LF AIC MTTF [M.sub.0] 518.48 -1024.97 3.80E + 07 [M.sub.1] 486.37 -960.73 5.15E + 07 [M.sub.2] 468.37 -926.74 4.06E + 07
Because of the continuous improvement process that characterizes the papermaking industry, the maintenance function's influence on productive efficiency and sustainability is more sensitive than in other types of industrial plants [29-31]; therefore, this study focuses on indicators, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and mean time to failure (MTTF) [32].
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