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(computer science) a unit for measuring the execution speed of a computer's CPU (but not the whole system)

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Microprocessors that individually comply with export regulations can be linked together to create servers with MTOPS capabilities that breach export thresholds.
at risk of one day having to import most of its technology, Clinton made a bold move: In September 1993, the White House announced a new licensing level for computer exports of 500 MTOPS.
For instance, a Pentium III processor has an MTOPS rating of 1,300, so that the under the 1996 restrictions an exporter would, in theory, require government approval to export a two-processor workstation to China.
23) The MTOPS study also showed significant reduction in AUR and need for surgery in patients receiving finasteride monotherapy as compared to placebo after 4.
Their individual licensing limit is raised to 20,000 MTOPS immediately, and the Administration may raise it to between 32,000 and 36,000 MTOPS in six months.
The technology has far outpaced the regulations," Collins said, pointing out that a Pentium III had a 1,300 MTOPS rating, so a two processor workstation using those chips would, in theory, need government approval to be sold to tier three state.
Effected are 1,200-1,900 MTOPS units, and another adjustment is likely in the fall.
By April 1994, the Administration had liberalized licensing requirements on the export of nearly all civilian telecommunications equipment and computers that operate up to 1000 MTOPS (million theoretical operations per second) to civilian end-users in all COCOM-controlled countries except North Korea.
BrasFELS recently sealed a contract with MTOPS (MODEC and Toyo Offshore Production Systems), for the fabrication and integration of topsides for FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba.