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a commercial browser


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Quanto a ocupacao profissional, nota-se que a proporcao de maes empregadas era similar entre os grupos, mas houve diferenca entre os grupos no que se refere as maes MCIE estarem mais desempregadas do que as maes MSIE; estas eram mais do lar do que empregadas.
In this case we are looking for MSIE' (so-called needle) inside $_SERVER ['HTTP_USER_ AGENT] (so-called haystack).
EE concerns 9 Conseal(sic.) and Atguard uploads for the taking 9 Favicon in MSIE 5.x 7 Is there a group alt.unsatisfied.customers 6 dejanews?
This work is done under the MSIE project supported by the French "Direction Generale de la Competitivite, de l'Industrie et des Services" (DGCIS), The "Direction Generale de l'Armement" (DGA/MRIS) and the "Conseil General" of Paris.
HTTP_USER AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90) This identified my system as using Internet Explorer 5.5 under Windows ME (or 9x build 4.90) HTTP_REFERER: That's the address of the page with the questionnaire.
Once MS Windows is CJK-ready, browsers such as Netscape and MS Internet Explorer (MSIE), which are also applications under MS Windows, will be able to read CJK.
Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of President University, said that to make the students have high competitiveness and ready to work, President University applies an internship program.
Download a free copy of MSIE from Microsoft's web site, but realize that the full version of the latest version 3.01 is over 10 MB long and it can take a few hours to download.
Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D., Vice Rector for Academics of President University, Edi Supriadi (Representative from the Bekasi District Government), Drs.