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an operating system developed by Bill Gates for personal computers

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The simulation runs under MSDOS on a personal computer with at least 640K of memory.
It will run on any PC using MSDOS 3.0 or higher, and it includes the 547 extracts in thirty-two ASCII text files (one for each year of gazzettes).
AURORA provides Open Systems Connectivity using UNIX, MSDOS, INFORMIX 4GL and "C," and shares information via the Innovax Integration Partners Program.
The Information Navigator is a full featured library management system operating in both MSDOS and UNIX, and utilizing a hypertext search capability IME calls NAVIGATION.
After all, there were only two real options: IBM machines and clones came stacked with Microsoft's Disk Operating System (MSDOS); and Apple's Macintosh had its own patented system.
Reproducible research documents stored on CD-ROM may be viewed in full by UNIX users under the X Window system; the text-only portion may be accessed from an MSDOS computer.
The first was to take translation software developed for IBM mainframes and reduce it for the MSDOS platform, with all the simplifications inherent in an already too-simple program.
"Instead of a host, we take standard PC-based computers with MSDOS, and we let them control things like pallet systems and tool management.
Additionally, the system supports a host of standard business software packages through its compatibility with MSDOS and CP/M-86.
DosBox is a popular MSDOS emulator which is available for multiple platforms, now including the N900.
Los que llevan tiempo en esto de la computacion sabran que el primer sistema operativo de Microsoft fue el MSDOS, que tenia una interfaz no muy amigable, a base de comandos escritos.
(The game might not work right with some other types of BASIC.) If you have an older computer with MSDOS, consult the manual for details on running QBASIC.
> Sistema integrado accesible en linea desde Windows, MsDos, Internet y PDA Inalambricas
On first attempt, I was unable to simply replace the OCLC holdings code (YSKA for the Hall of Fame) to a text string (such as "National Baseball Hall of Fame Library Stacks") in the MSDOS Text Editor for better representation in the finished database.
Our ZBM PCB simulation will run on any MSDOS computer but is extremely slow on i286 processors.