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an operating system developed by Bill Gates for personal computers

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This contains a word-processor, a database, a spreadsheet and a communications module and is available for use with MS-DOS or Windows.
Louis, Missouri, says that his organization is a "completely MS-DOS bank." Despite a few PCs running Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT, Roosevelt is still developing its overall Windows implementation strategy.
If only one operating system is apt to survive, why should we be concerned about whether it is MS-DOS or another competitor's product?
The AccessDOS latching program for MS-DOS programs does not work with Windows.
The software requires an 80486 or Pentium-based computer running MS-DOS 3.3 or higher or Windows NT.
Booting my computer at work (a 386 SX/20 with 6 MB) with MS-DOS 5.0 without any enhancements yielded 576 KB of usable conventional memory and no usable upper or extended memory.
Finally, MS-DOS programs are less likely to contain dynamic features than Macintosh programs, though these capabilities are likely to be available as statistical programs are written for the Windows environment.
* First, obtain the EDGARlink software--which is available for MS-DOS IBM-compatible PCs only--and a copy of the EDGAR Filer Manual, from Disclosure Inc., the official and sole supplier.
Microsoft reported that 10 sites in California and one in New Jersey were raided and more than 150,000 copies of the company's best-selling MS-DOS Version 5 operating system were confiscated from those sites.
This system consists of several spreadsheet templates with menus and requires an MS-DOS operating system.
Converting at the speed of MS-DOS, Embracing every sort of mishegoss, He still stayed kind.
PCs and clones have always used this operating system (MS-DOS and PC-DOS are virtually the same).
"Users of the original, MS-DOS based system who choose to make the move to OS/2 will feel comfortable with the new version," he says, "because the user interface is very similar."
As sweepstakes winner, John will receive an AT&T 6386/25 WorkGroup System, a full software package including the UNIX System V and MS-DOS operating systems, and an AT&T 593 laser printer.
Its basic operating environment is MS-DOS. There are impressive graphic built-ins to ease comprehension of data analysis.