magnetic resonance imaging

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the use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce proton density images

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MRI scans are used to diagnose a multitude of conditions, especially those involving soft tissue like heart, brain, muscles and liver.
MRI scans are usually undertaken to understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body while in health as well as in disease.
"That would have paid for hundreds of MRI scans. If that money was available a couple of years ago my wife would still be here."
But because the MRI scan had not been done, doctors didn't know which treatment would be most beneficial.
Physicians were asked about their attitudes toward ordering an MRI scan for their patients.
| The one-stop spinal clinic runs every Monday afternoon with Mr Iqroop Chopra, Spinal Neurosurgeon and Dr Sridhar Kamath, musculosketal radiologist, where at the consultation, MRI scans and injection treatment can be arranged.
In order to reach correct prognosis, he was put through MRI Scan today which came out to be normal.
Graham, 61, who lives in Wynyard, was given an ECG and MRI scan and within 20 minutes of having the MRI scan, Dr Maredia was able to pinpoint the problem - a hole between the two chambers of his heart.
The 20-year-old international, who has moved from FC Nordsjaelland in a deal worth around PS4m, nodded of during an MRI scan.
A An MRI scan uses harmless radio and magnetic rays to provide a detailed picture of the inside of your body.
An MP who revealed how patients from his constituency were sent 20 miles for an MRI scan while their local hospital had a machine standing idle yesterday dismissed reports that his party was trying to silence him.
The power of a rapid, painless MRI scan to provide information for the diagnosis is an incalculable blessing for doctors and patients alike.
DONEGAL star Ryan McHugh is awaiting an MRI scan before he can return to football.
"This process does not prevent patients outside these parameters from receiving an MRI scan as those who are not suitable for a conventional MRI scan are referred for an open MRI scan instead."