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a machine-readable version of a standard dictionary

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Discovered in February 2016 at the site of Woranso-Mille, just 55 kilometres (34 miles) from where Lucy was found in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia, MRD offers "the first glimpse of the face of Lucy's ancestor," according to a statement announcing the finding.
The first piece of MRD, the upper jaw, was found by Ali Bereino (a local Afar worker) on February 10, 2016 at a locality known as Miro Dora, Mille district of the Afar Regional State.
"The presence of MRD is a strong predictor of relapse in patients with B-cell precursor ALL," said Nicola Gokbuget, M.D., principal investigator for the BLAST study and head of the German Multicenter Study Group for Adult ALL in Frankfurt, Germany.
Eight-color MFC was performed in all patients as a routine clinical test on BM samples that were obtained as part of baseline assessment at the time of diagnosis, the end of the first and second courses of chemotherapy, as well as pre-HSCT.[8],[18] A panel of eight antibody combinations that recognize CD7, CD11b, CD13, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD33, CD34, CD38, CD41, CD45, CD56, CD61, CD64, CD71, CD117, CD123, and HLA-DR was used for MRD detection, and 0.2-1 million events per tube were acquired on a Fluorescence activated cell sorter (FACS Canto II) (BD Co., USA).
t may be recalled that sixteen PPP workers were martyred during MRD movement on September 29, 1983 at village Punhal Khan Chandio Taluka Sakrand in Shaheed Benazirabad division.
A team from the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, analysed leukaemia cells from more than 2,500 children whose treatment had been guided by the MRD test between 2003 and 2011.
The research has shown that by combining the results of MRD analysis with genetic profiling, doctors will be able to significantly improve the accuracy of predicting relapse of the disease and improving treatment options.
Patients were followed at week 4, 8, 12 and 24 weeks, IPFH and marginal reflex distance (MRD) was documented.
Since almost 90% of B-ALL rearrange the IGH locus and 50% delete the IGK-Kde locus, these recombined loci are used as patient-specific "fingerprint-like" markers of residual leukemic cells (17) for the assessment of MRD in leukemia.
Founded in 1972, MRD provides a full range of accounting, tax and retirement plan services to a client base of privately-held middle market businesses in the Hampton Roads region.
(NASDAQ: MRD) in an all-stock transaction valued at USD 4.4bn, the company said.
In research published online in the New England Journal of Medicine scientists used a "minimal residual disease" (MRD) test to predict relapse, using blood samples from 346 AML patients who had undergone two cycles of chemotherapy.
Ptosis evaluation included palpebral fissure height, median reflex distance (MRD), levator function, jaw-winking phenomenon, Bell's phenomenon, and corneal sensations.
This is Minimal Residual Disease monitoring, or MRD.