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Synonyms for medical

requiring or amenable to treatment by medicine especially as opposed to surgery

of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art


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"We take the testing of medical marijuana product very seriously," MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo said.
Compensation data found in surveys, such as the one offered by MRA, can help companies stay ahead of the game and be competitive when hiring needed talent.
The Professional Regulatory Board of Accountancy (BOA) has organized a Monitoring Committee for the MRA implementation.
"It was a flawless execution and a continuation of MRA's tradition of identifying value-driven investment opportunities."
Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) provides specialty reimbursement solutions that identify and recover additional revenue for hospitals and health systems nationwide.
"Through the MRA, workers interested to work abroad can get more information about recruitment agencies.
By merging with MRA Global Sourcing, the two companies can collectively share a focus on making good things happen for other people.
For the 4-element MRA mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the element positions normalized to the wavelength are given by {0.0, 1.0, 2.5, 3.0}.
Negotiations of the MRA. This procedure as a legal relationship includes
If so, you are among 65,000 Department employees who have used services provided by the Bureau of Information Resource Management's (IRM) Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) Division.
Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, MRA is in the field of specialty reimbursement services for hospital revenue cycle departments.
At our institution, the current positivity rate of CTA and MRA for the diagnosis of PE is in the range of 5-9%.
where [[mu].sub.[phi]] denotes the mean value and [[sigma].sub.[phi]] is the standard deviation of the MRA dataset.