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integrated circuit semiconductor chip that performs the bulk of the processing and controls the parts of a system

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A5-based microprocessors (MPUs), delivering the world's lowest power consumption for all MPUs in its class.
The Express Logic products strongly complement the Renesas RZ/A MPU.
MPU and JCBI have been developing their partnership since entering into the Master License Agreement for merchant acquiring in July 2013, and are committed to expanding JCB card acceptance in Myanmar.
JCBI and MPU have been making rapid progress on preparing the payment infrastructure, including the launch of JCB card acceptance in December 2013, which has expanded to cover popular destination among visitors to the country.
Earlier, the secretary inspected the facility connected with MPU provided to the Faqirabad police station and expressed satisfaction over the MPU.
At the same time, based on the MOU signed in 2012 for the issuance of JCB cards to Myanmar residents, JCBI and MPU plan to launch JCB card issuing through the member banks of MPU in the near future.
The PROFIBUS real-time frame handler, called the Fieldbus Data Link (FDL), is implemented utilizing the Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU), which is part of the AM1810 Sitara ARM MPU on-chip peripherals.
The company also supplies most of the UK's ambulance services with products from its frontline or MPU ranges.
MPU members, calling themselves the legitimate parliamentarians of Myanmar, want their fellow parliamentarians in ASEAN to allow their participation in the inter-parliamentary assembly as a sign of solidarity with the movement for democracy in Myanmar.
For both DRAM and MPU chips, our framework shows that changes in price-cost markups contributed notably to the observed shifts in the rate of price decline.
These new automotive infotainment processors are capable of replacing the MCU, MPU and DSPs common in today's solutions with one dual-core device, reducing overall system cost and complexity, allowing developers to use only one operating system, and leveraging the industry's most robust library of audio, speech, communications and digital media software.
The commercial boards in the SprayCool MPU which were originally designed to be air cooled include five servers, a switch, an I/O board, and two expansion cards.
The MPU, a professional section of Amicus the Health union was established more than 80 years ago and other than the BMA is the only trade union for Doctors.
uC/OS-MPU builds a system with MPU processes; a process can contain one or more threads and each process has its individual read, write and execution rights.