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a narrow way or road

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Similar to ER[alpha], OXT-R expression levels have been found to be increased in several distinct "maternal" brain regions like the MPOA, VMH, BNST, lateral septum (LS), central amygdala (CeA), and the PVN of rodents (see [86] for review).
Accordingly, the level of V1a-R binding in the BNST, MPOA, LS, and CeA has been shown to be positively correlated with the level of aggressive behavior throughout pregnancy, parturition and lactation [94].
Over the last decades, several studies in rodents revealed peripartum-associated alterations in different relevant brain regions like the hippocampus, the OB, the mPFC, and the MPOA, as well as the PVN and the SON of the hypothalamus.
In fact, it will be possible to implement the MPOA Server (MPS) functionality on a Layer switch.
But to realize the performance enhancement of MPOA, switches at the edge of the LAN will also require Layer 3 ASICs.
What's more, hardware-based MPCs will keep that pace when MPOA matures.
In addition, ATM could handle up to 622 Mbps with an OC-12 fiber backbone and--when packaged with MPOA (Multiprotocol Over ATM)--provides end-to-end forwarding without routers.
It supports the recently standardized MPOA, an open standard that integrates with existing Ethernet infrastructures.
Like any other technology, MPOA is designed to solve a problem.
Hence the need for MPOA. MPOA provides the AtM-based, connection-oriented path required for realizing the benefits of AtM -- for example, QoS.
At the heart of Hacienda's network is Newbridge's Vivid family of products based on a prestandard release of MPOA.
The result of work by a subgroup in the ATM Forum, MPOA allows Layer 3 network layer routing over ATM and enables companies to leverage ATM's benefits, including Quality of Service and data forwarding.
MPOA offers a solution to some shortcomings of the LANE (LAN Emulation) specification.