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a fully automatic pistol

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The MP41 used an MP40 style receiver and magazine but was fitted with a MP28 type wooden stock and was capable of both full and semiauto fire.
With the 2006 EU introduction of a specific mannoprotein MP40, (5) which inhibits bitartrate nucleation in a non subtractive manner, a new paradigm was established for KHT stabilization.
The family of microswitch products consists of the MP40 as a non-sealed product, the MP110 as a sealed switch with quick connects and the fully potted MP200.
[7] MP40 Step Recovery Diodes, "M-Pulse Microwave," http:// www.mpulsemw.com/SRDDiode.htm.
The theft of the two VorTech MP40 wireless pumps - worth pounds 688 - is understood to have taken place at about 3.30pm on January 20.
Upstream (MP 38.49) and downstream (MP40.05) valves were closed at 7:20 p.m.
Coating thickness was measured with a Helmut Fischer DUALSCOPE MP40, according to ASTM B499:1996 (2002).
The monument looked like a bas-relief of a soldier in a German military uniform with the Estonian SS Legion's signs and a German machine gun MP40 pointing to the East (i.e.: to the Russia).
Haenel (destined in World War II to make P.08 and MP40 magazines, as well as components for the MP43/StG44 assault rifle), it made Reichsrevolvers until the early 1890s.
A Caterpillar MP40 Multi-Processor equipped with crusher jaws will see its first action on a bridge demolition job, and a Cat G300 Scrap and Demolition Grapple will be used for sorting.
* The MP40, using Fischer's ED10 Probe, can automatically detect the base material and then apply the appropriate measurement method--eddy current or magnetic induction.
Thermalert MP40 IR linescanner provides cross-machine temperature measurement.
The manual of arms is an odd hybrid between a German MP40 and a Browning 1919.
As strange as it may sound, another submachine gun that showed up in Vietnam was the ex-German Maschinenpistole 41--the infamous Schmeisser MP40. The USSR supplied some to the Vietcong and AVN that they had captured from the Wehrmacht during WWII while the CIA supplied numbers of them to various pro-American indigenous, irregulars.
MP40 Misnamed by its adversaries as "Schmeisser," Germany's primary submachinegun was correctly termed the Maschinenpistole 38, or MP38.