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the molecular weight of a substance expressed in grams

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The impetus for requiring MOUS certification first came from business professors who noticed that many students lacked the computer software skills needed to complete general business assignments, such as preparing PowerPoint slides to serve as visual aids to presentations, tracking a company's cash flow using an Excel spreadsheet or producing professional-looking documents using Microsoft Word.
The National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET) at Bellevue Community College, in concert with Certiport, hopes to raise the level of instructor confidence and validate instructor proficiency by extending MOUS Master certification to educators at a discounted price.
In a recent study* of MOUS professionals and supervisors, 85 percent of respondents indicated that MOUS certified employees are more productive in Office applications than other non-certified workers.
I suspect the free re-test option will be very popular in getting novice test takers to pursue MOUS certification.
With the release of Microsoft Office(R) 2000, individuals must pass five MOUS exams -- including Microsoft Outlook(R) 2000 -- to obtain certification.
Prior to entering the program, attendees receive Course Technology's SAM(TM) 2000 Net-Ready (Skills Assessment Manager) software product, a learning and assessment tool that allows users to perform tasks in the Microsoft Office environment and prepares them for MOUS Certification.
We can also proudly say that we have helped thousands of individuals prepare for their MOUS certification over the past few years using our Office 97 and Office 2000 approved products.
Through this sponsorship, secondary teachers will utilize SAM, Course Technology's popular live-in-the-application, skills-based assessment software for Microsoft(R) Office 2000 and Skill Measure their simulated Office 2000 assessment software to train and prepare for MOUS certification.
These courses increase user skills with popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel and help learners prepare for the MOUS certification exams.