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small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits

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An MOU in real estate investment was signed between Al-Rehab for Projects and Trade, representing the Egyptian side, and Nissan Construction Managing Director Fatima Dilawer.
There will be more trust between the citizens in the city and City Hall as a result, if the departments are willing to sign MOUs and follow through on them,'' Vitti said.
The VA and the IHS are now organizing workgroups to make progress on implementing elements in the MOU as soon as possible to benefit veterans.
The importance of today's MOU can be seen by the fact that small firms constitute an overwhelming 98 percent of all California businesses," said Department of General Services Director Ron Joseph.
This MOU benefits both Tamil Nadu and Dell, and we're very appreciative of the cooperation and partnership between the government and our company," said Dell's Mr.
Raptor MOU was concluded on 22nd October 2008 and came into effect on 1st November 2008.
The SECP has already signed MOUs with the regulatory agencies of India, the Maldives, Australia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Iran, China, Turkey and Oman.
This MOU will provide a basis for intensified collaboration between our states to help California develop a thriving bioenergy industry," said Joe Desmond, Resources Agency Undersecretary for Energy Affairs.
The MOU has been inked in the backdrop of evolving globally integrated financial markets, necessitating for regulatory agencies of capital markets to develop cooperative linkages to ensure information sharing for enforcement of securities laws and facilitate detection and combat cross-border violations.
In addition, the MOU calls for DTL to conduct all development at its own cost, including clinical trials, associated with the commercialization of the products developed from Grant's cervical cancer-diagnostic technology.
As per official sources, MOU would be signed during Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani visit to Qatar from February, 6 to 8.
The MOU states that Genesis has received a license for the right to use non-necessary claims under the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Adopters Agreement and allows Genesis to receive a license to the non-necessary claims under the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Adopters Agreement.
Under the terms of the MOU signed 11 March 2006 in Suzhou, China; TAUG will purchase more than 500 HIGER brand buses from Kinglong Suzhou over the next 12 months, with the first major delivery of buses in 60 days.
The MOU will become effective subject to final regulatory approval.
The MOU was signed at Indonesia Power's head office in Jakarta, in the presence of Amir Rosidin, President of PJB; Iwan Santoso, President of Indonesia Power; Naoto Yoshimura, Executive Vice President & Division COO of Power and Electrical Systems Division at MC; and Ken Kawai, Senior Vice President of MHPS.