nitrogen mustard

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a toxic compound resembling mustard gas in structure

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The JRO-CBRN Defense, through the JCCD, sought to validate the use of Air Force CONOPS for split MOPP operations on joint installations.
For a dawn attack, the unit might rehearse in the afternoon of the day before to give supervisors time to conduct precombat inspections on personnel and equipment (especially MOPP gloves and M1 canteen caps).
4 Protect yourself from injury by assuming correct MOPP.
It also exercises the NBC channels of communication from higher headquarters to lower, between the intelligence (G2/S2) and operations (G3/S3), and forces the unit commanders to conduct a MOPP analysis.
The compounded effects of marching five kilometers wearing MOPP Level 2 and constantly moving and deploying Javelin rounds and CLUs to good fighting positions during our six-hour stand depleted our company's supply of Javelin rounds as well as food and water.
I see units still training with the old battle dress overgarment MOPP gear.
night bang of SCUDS shot down by Patriot missiles, MOPP Level 4 alarms--possible chemical exposure--orders to take nerve gas pills, that maiden convoy into the unknown riding night-day-night across the desert in a school bus.
A group of basic trainees march towards their barracks in MOPP Level 2 protective gear after completing a training scenario for a chemical attack at the BEAST.
The scenarios at the exercise involved bunker drills, gas and MOPP gear drills, convoy escorting, perimeter scouting, establishing and building.
Effective, timely, and accurate CBRN reconnaissance is essential to protect the warfighter and minimize the degrading effects that increased MOPP levels can have on mission objectives.
Presently this equipment is used in five different Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) suit configurations depending on the level of threat, ranging from MOPP 0 to MOPP 4.
963 AACS/SE successfully prepared for an ORE, had no write-ups during mobility processing, no injuries and complied with AFOSHSTD 91-501 while wearing MOPP gear.