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In a Pentium processor with MMX technology, a pair of instructions that can be executed in parallel can be two-integer instructions (as on the regular Pentium processor), one-integer instruction, and one MMX instruction, or two MMX instructions.
To the extent that the MMX provides high-performance multimedia support at the processor level, Intel undermines the importance of the operating system -- specifically Microsoft's own DirectX multimedia extensions to Windows.
The acquisition complements TXO Systems' expertise in the supply of multi-vendor telecoms network equipment, by adding MMX Communications' specialist support services into its group capabilities.
In the Phase III clinical trial, MB MMX met its primary endpoint (p-value: 0.009), identifying 17.71% more patients with adenomas or carcinomas than HDWL (High Definition White Light) colonoscopy, currently the most advanced standard of care.
Proteus MMX operates in real time with MDW's building automation system and generates work orders triggered by sensors within the facility.
If a final agreement is reached, the companies plan to buy an estimated $400 million of new MMX stock to finance the completion of MMX's Sudeste Port and iron ore terminal west of Rio de Janeiro.
Trinity Works Power-Stacker 5x86 for 486 retails for $99 and 180Mhz MMX Upgrade CPUs are available from Zerus Hardware and Evergreen technologies for under $200.
Sega are also going for the latest MMX technology for PC-based games.
Each system will utilize Intel's MMX technology and ATI's Rage 11 3-D graphics chip, both of which provide enhanced processor efficiency for multimedia applications.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2018-Cosmo Pharmaceuticals receives complete response letter from US FDA regarding Methylene Blue MMX
Researchers from both parties will initially concentrate on skin cancer, and test Nuovo's new anti-cancer peptide drug MMX for its ability to treat these tumours.
Mubadala and Amsterdam-based commodities trader Trafigura presented a joint offer for Batista's stake in MMX Mineracao and Metalicos, the people said, asking not to be named as the talks are private.
is excited to announce the addition of a single-user hosted version of their flagship Proteus MMX Asset Maintenance software.