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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Dos pacientes que iniciaram o tratamento com ADA ([+ or -] MMCD ou MTX) (9%), 12% mudaram para outro esquema terapeutico: MMCD ou MTX em monoterapia ou outro Anti-TNF ([+ or -] MMCD ou MTX).
Stark and his MMCD colleagues work closely with the local public works officials to share resources for mapping, cleaning, treating, and working to control the local mosquito population.
and includes at least six other consumer-electronics and home-entertainment giants - announced plans for another higher-density standard, which is not compatible with MMCD. Called Super Density (SD), it's based on a double-sided 5-in.
In addition to these agencies, Carver County has worked cooperatively with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) to remove a large number of tires within the county.
The ALMANAC can be played on Mac, Windows/MPC, networks, Tandy's VIS platform and Sony's new portable MMCD player.
P A D'Andrea, (1) MB ChB, DipPec (SA); D J van Hoving, (1) MB ChB, DipPec (SA), MMcd (Emerg Med), MSc Med Sci (Clin Epidemiol); D Wood, (2) MB BCh, BPharm, MPhil, FCEM (UK), DipPEC, DA; W P Smith, (3) MB ChB, EMDM, FCEM (SA)
The system will receive 4500 bbl oil and 12-15 MMCD gas from the project.
Philips Electronics and Sony Corporation have announced that Gateway 2000, a leading provider of multimedia personal computers, has become the first PC manufacturer to endorse the new high-density Multimedia CD (MMCD) format.
If the latter, the new high-density MMCD discs (storing over 7 GB of data) may make a substantial difference--imagine Encarta with 10 times the text and multimedia data it has now!
Neither are you likely to record in the longoutdated High Sierra format, in the CD-i format, or in the Sony MMCD format (for the Walkman type CD-ROM).
The most versatile are the tools that can be used to develop applications for the DOS, Windows, MMCD, Unix, and Apple platforms.