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Synonyms for miser

Synonyms for miser

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a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)

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More than 6,000 educators have worked with MISE to improve science education since it's founding in 1993.
Mises argued that nationalism, in the broader sense, has as a primary underlying cause economic nationalism: "[N]ationalism is neither hatred, nor chauvinism, nor a superiority complex .
This paper aims to extend and develop Garrison's analysis to address the gaps in the modern literature on subjective expectations and its implications for the process of equilibration It provides a detailed analysis of the similarity in the views of Lachmann and Mises on the subjective nature of expectations, emphasizing, in particular, the key role that the subjective interpretation of experience plays in this regard.
First, Mises in his treatment of margin monopoly did not cite The Economics of Imperfect Competition,(Robinson 1933), even though the book predated Human Action (Mises 1949), by 16 years.
The front man in the League was von Hildebrand, but the organizational driving force was the secretary, Otto Kallir, who had probably brought his cousin Mises on board.
In essence, then, Mises is describing the difference between savings as they would take place in a barter economy (commodity credit) and (one of the ways of) financing, as it takes place in the money economy, where "circulation credit" can be extended at no cost and can finance investment in a way not related to real savings.
These passages, from the opening section of his essay dealing with calculation, are quite representative of the points Mises stressed throughout his argument.
Mises stated that time preference 'is a categorial requisite of human action' (Mises 1966, p.
But by the late 1940s Mises was well integrated into an emerging network of American libertarians.
In the 1920 article, and subsequent discussion in Socialism in 1922, Mises did not elaborate this process of economic calculation in any great depth.
In La Curee, mises en abyme or reflections frequently, but not necessarily, take the form of single or recurrent intertextual references to pre-existing works.
Mises Capital announced the completion of its acquisition of an interest in Bolivar-1, a producing oil well located on a 24,700 acre exploration block approximately 200 kilometres north east of Bogota, Colombia.
Derive Von Mises stress and strain at the solder bump to PCB pad interface, and compare data to the strain gauge result.
Le bureau regional de Sudbury de la Societe canadienne de l'ouie fournit des services Internet de pointe afin de s'assurer que des technologies nouvelles et pertinentes, telles que la video haute vitesse a large bande et la communication sans fil, sont mises a la disposition des personnes malentendantes.