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This period is so critical for the specification of the uterine layers, that exposure to MIS for just a few days after birth leads to irrecoverable infertility later in life, with adults having a thin uterus composed almost entirely of the myometrium," said Hatice Duygu Saatcioglu, the first author of the study.
Only a few studies have elicited factors important to the MIS major decision.
The Director MIS Rizwan Hashmani informed the Vice Chancellor that now the students can check their attendance on daily, weekly and monthly basis through accounts based on their roll numbers at the website portal.
On the home front, MiS imposed strict silence about Khashoggi's death.
Fui la cuna donde nacio el pais en el me encuentro, desde que el duque Mislav me eligio como sede de su trono en el siglo IX, mis muros cobijaron a muchos gobernantes de Croacia.
Guided by the primary intentions of preventing substance (mis)use, improving treatment access and retention, and reducing harm, the plan aims to diminish stigma surrounding substance (mis)use, eliminate barriers to accessing treatment, ensure equity, create opportunity, and build resiliency.
When functioning as a subject, kes and mis constantly appear in the default nominative case form.
Tehran's Safawi movement, however, is still trying not to let MiS have his way in Yemen or any other country where Iran has "strategic assets held by proxies affected by MiS.
The researchers found that 25.3 percent of the lesions were MIS. The most frequent dermoscopic criteria for MIS were regression, atypical network, and irregular dots and/or globules (92.9, 85.5, and 50.2 percent, respectively).
Algunos me criticaban por esta eleccion, me dijeron que el espanol no tenia salidas laborales en el mercado sirio, pero yo confiaba en mi decision y mi familia me apoyo porque siempre confiaba en mis decisiones y esto me hizo seguir adelante.
The literature comparing open surgery versus MIS for scoliosis correction is limited; therefore, the need exists for further investigation to determine the efficacy of MIS.
reported an anatomical study of the oblique corridor at each lumbar disc level between the psoas muscle and great vessels and found the potential of the MIS oblique retroperitoneal approach to the L2-S1 discs [6].
Les Miserables or Les Mis is the original Australian production of Cameron Mackintosh's reimagined edition of the 30-year-old colossal musical.
MAE cyfrol o ysgrifau yn ymwneud a chariad wedi cael ei dewis gan y llyfrwerthwr Watersones i fod yn Lyfr y Mis y cwmni ar gyfer Ionawr.