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an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression

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Equipment: The MIMA team looked at the needs of both the lab and the infusion center when making equipment decisions.
Their documents were used as templates and, following both AABB standards and the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, or CLSI, formal, MIMA tailored those documents specifically to its needs.
Weeks of training, programming, and validations followed this acquisition, and the new MIMA blood bank is now the proud owner of a fully customized transfusion-management system, interfaced to the MIMA LIS.
As a POL implementing a blood bank, MIMA was navigating new waters without a compass.
During the implementation process, statistics on MIMA patients were steadily compiled to create a database.
In searching for a blood supplier, MIMA eventually contracted with Central Florida's Blood Centers, since the blood center had established a new branch within one mile of MIMA's location.
Isenman emphasizes that MIMA was careful "to select a corporate partner who would not interfere with the medical decision-making process in the care that is delivered from the physicians to the patients.