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Synonyms for merry-go-round

Synonyms for merry-go-round

a never-ending cycle of activities and events (especially when they seem to have little purpose)

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a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

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Voice: (609) 883-4610 Harley McNair, President; Danielle Hamilton, Mgr.-Customer Service
Sasol Performance Chemicals Voice: (281) 588-3000 Jeanine Snyder, Market Development Mgr, Industrial Wax--IPC; Jennifer Griffin, Market Sales Mgr., IPC S PC
Siltech Corporation Voice: (416) 424-4567 Robert Ruckle, Global Marketing and Sales Mgr.
Gen Sls Mgr: Brenda Park# (
Gen Mgr/Natl Sls Mgr: Stacey Smith# (
And the designed MGR was removed from the leg and reapplied for each of these 3 trials.
Fitted with reflective markers (for MAS) (Figures 5(a) and 5(b)) and the MGR (Figure 5(c)) to the lateral side of their right lower limbs, the subjects walked trice, along a 3-meter-long pathway, with normal speed and gait pattern.
Ban, Suzanne, Anchorage Ops Mgr., Cardno ENTRIX, Oil & Gas
Mgr., Fairfield Inn & Suites, Conventions & Corporate Travel
Mgr Docherty paid the gang more than pounds 4000 after McAllister told him they had found a sewage problem in his drains.
The conman pretended to speak to Scottish Water on Mgr Docherty's behalf to sort out insurance.
BASELL POLYOLEFINS Web Address: E-mail:; DAVID KINNEY--Business Mgr., North America (Houston), E-mail:
AARON SCHIFLETT--Sales Mgr., Ph: (713) 676-0085, Fx: (713) 676-0086, Cell: (832) 567-0465, E-mail:, TX, Gulf Coast, LA, MS, AL and TN
La vigueur de ces reactions montre la presence d'un groupe d'eveques decide a peser sur l'orientation du concile et apte a entrainer, par la personnalite de ses membres et les responsabilites qu'ils exercent, leurs collegues moins avertis des enjeux, comme le suggere Mgr Jauffres (25).
Mais trois cardinaux (Lienart, Feltin, Gerlier) sejournent a Saint-Sulpice, tout comme Mgr Villot (31).