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a cgs unit of magnetic flux equal to the flux perpendicular to an area of 1 square centimeter in a magnetic field of 1 gauss

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Aethon automates Intralogistics in hospitals by delivering goods and supplies using its TUG smart autonomous mobile robot and manages pharmacy logistics using MedEx, a suite of software products used to track medication preparation and deliveries from the pharmacy.
Smiths will pay the owners of Medex pounds 323.8 million in cash for the company's equity, subject to any closing adjustment, and will assume some 155.4 million of net debt.
Medex plans to finance the deal with cash and restricted shares in the company, which will not result into dilution for the current owners.
In contrast, beginning July 1, MEDEX will cost retirees $178.31, including $96.50 for Part B, while the top conventional plan for retirees - Blue Choice - cost $145.40.
Prior to joining ICON, he served as associate medical director of Medical and Scientific Affairs and clinical operations manager for Medex Clinical Trials Services and PharmaNet, SMO physician manager for Focused Managed Research and medical consultant to Medi Media.
US medical acquisition company Medex (PINK:MDXX) said today it has signed a binding letter of intent (LoI) to buy California-based privately-held rehabilitation chair producer Creative Rehab Technology Services.
To add insult to injury, that $69 was a Medex plan, and the Medicare retiree was paying 25 percent of the total premium.
(+11.8%) Market Dollar sales Leading brands Manufacturer share (**) (000) Chapstick Wyeth 33.4% 44,242 Blistex Blistex 12.0% 15,914 Carmex Carma Labs 8.9% 11,844 Soft Lips Mentholatum 4.5% 5,935 Vaseline Lip Therapy Unilever HPC 2.7% 3,623 Blistex Herbal Answer Blistex 2.3% 3,042 Chapstlck Flava Craze Wyeth 2.2% 2,968 Blistex Up Medex Blistex 1.9% 2,577 Blistex Complete Moisture Blistex 1.9% 2,521 Chapstick Lipsations Blistex 1.3% 1,770 Unit sales: Total (*) 132.6 mil.
Previously, Dr Gallagher served as associate medical director of medical and scientific affairs and clinical operations manager for Medex Clinical Trials Services and PharmaNet.
Many of the town's retired employees subscribe to Blue Cross-Blue Shield Medex or senior plans from Fallon or Cigna.
DES PLAINES Podolsky Circle CORFAC International recently represented MedEx Ambulance Service in a lease renewal for 17,080 square foot property at 1001 S.
Kyowa Medex manufactures and sells in vitro diagnostics (clinical laboratory test drugs) and analytical equipment used by medical institutions.
Further, waste is also disposed of from different laboratories and dispensaries on monthly basis such as 750kg from Excel Labs, 25Kg from City Lab, 150Kg from Rawal General and Dental Hospital,250Kg from Hassan Dental Care Centre, 55kg from Family Health Hospital, 22kg from Islamic International Lab, 70kg from CDA hospital, 40kg from Ali Medical Center, 75kg from Maroof international Laboratory, 150 kg from Medex Hospital and 20 kg from Islamabad Diagnostic Center.
Judge Bashant imposed five years' probation on Igelsias' corporations, MedEx and Meridian, and imposed a $500,000 joint and several fine.