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a master's degree in religion

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The Master of Divinity (MDiv) at Saint Paul UniverSity may be for you.
At the same time, the Canadian Anglican church also has a long history as a missionary church, in which it has often been impossible to expect every priest to hold an MDiv and attend seminary for three years, he said.
He said that in his experience, there are many people who might feel a vocation to the priesthood who simply have not had a chance to pursue an MDiv.
VST offers an MDiv, Native Ministries MDiv by extension, MA in Theological Studies, Master of Theology, MA in Public and Pastoral Leadership, MA in Indigenous and Inter-religious Studies, Master of Theology in Indigenous and Inter-religious Studies, diplomas in denominational and graduate studies, and a variety of certificate programs, continuing education program and summer school programs.
In a way, returning to The Episcopal Church will be going home for the American-born Sumner, who was educated at Harvard (BA) and Yale (MDiv, PhD) and ordained to the priesthood in the diocese of Western Massachusetts in 1981.
One of the biggest debates concerns the adequacy of so-called local training versus a university-based master of divinity (MDiv) program.