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Network-Assisted Storage Applications, which allow customers to deploy third-party appliance-based storage software in Cisco MDS 9000 SANs without compromising the integrity, availability, and performance of the primary data path.
The "MDS clock" is reset whenever a new completed assessment is submitted; thus, the next assessment is due based on the R2b date of the most recent assessment.
Keep in mind, that higher capacity MDS equipment is more costly to operate because of increased wear and tear on the shredder and other system components.
As each discipline evaluated its section(s) of the MDS, other changes were being made.
The SAN Volume Controller for Cisco MDS 9000 Solution has the same feature, function and interoperability as the appliance solution, with the advantage of being more tightly coupled and packaged inside the Cisco MDS 9000 switch instead of separately in the fabric.
"We are excited to collaborate with MDS Proteomics, a leading proteomics company, in a large-scale effort to help change the nature of the drug development process," said R.
One common error is inconsistency between the therapy minutes reported in the MDS and in the treatment logs.
3-Ressources: - Les ressources attendues sont par ailleurs de 4.218,18 mds DA contre 3.820 mds DA en 2013, soit une hausse de 10,4%.
What they don't know is what information is critical to report for MDS purposes--such as that added indicator of depression that the activity assistant noticed one afternoon or the need for greater-than-usual assistance in transferring during the night.
"Working closely with industry leader Hitachi Data Systems, we have gained another respected ally in the storage market, and have achieved a significant milestone in our go-to-market strategy for the Cisco MDS 9000," said Soni Jiandani, vice president of Marketing for the Storage Technology Group at Cisco.
Use on interdisciplinary flow sheet that allows for daily documentation of the 16 mood-specific MDS items.
It shouldn't be surprising that the Minimum Data Set (MDS) has become one of the most closely reviewed documents in a nursing home resident's clinical record.
IBM has took another step toward helping customers lower their cost of storage networking by becoming the first vendor to offer the Cisco MDS 9000 IP Storage Services Module.
The biller must then decipher pertinent data and enter it onto the UB-92, translating the "reason for assessment" (MDS section AA8a,b) into one of 19 allowable modifier codes and assigning the correct number of covered days to each MDS applicable to a calendar month.
The Minimum Data Set (MDS)--there aren't many aspects of nursing home operations with the power of this tool.