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a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour

any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

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Le MDN ecrit, en outre, que "perdant le sens de la mesure, ces individus s'accordent une vocation et une dimension qui ne sont pas les leurs, et se lancent, sans aucun scrupule, dans des affabulations debridees, decoulant d'un narcissisme maladif, qui les pousse jusqu'a pretendre bien connaitre le Haut Commandement de l'ANP, pour prevoir sa position vis-a-vis des elections presidentielles, grave derive qui denote d'un seuil inquietant d'inconscience que seule l'ambition aveugle peut provoquer".
One of these other marginal attributions in MDN identifies the auctor "Ricardes de Sancta Victore." The Trinity manuscript uses its usual rubricated marginal script (fol.
Communication between MSCN and MDN can be explained on embryological base considering role of various molecules & many signaling transcription factors which directly or indirectly defines and controls the formation of the limbs & its muscles along with nerves.
+4 RACE RATING df13 Oct 1 Beverley 1m Mdn 1.Deodoro 2.Wapping 3.Absolute Zero 10 ran Record of first five: 1 win from 2 runs - Wapping = +3 Record of last five: 1 win from 4 runs - Heaven Scent = +1 Total record: 2 wins from 6 runs (33%) for a profit of +PS47 to PS1 levels.
While respondents disagreed with none of the provided sources, the average respondent felt neutral about radio news (M = 2.74, SD = 1.2, Mdn = 3.00), television news (M = 2.62, SD = 1.23, Mdn = 3.00), high school agricultural science teachers (M = 2.79, SD = 1.16, Mdn = 3.00), and weekly newspaper (M = 2.71, SD = 1.28, Mdn = 3.00) as reliable sources of information.
"Lodders was involved in preparing conditional agreements between the landowners, MDN and Premier Inn and also dealt with the sale of the investment.
" Responding to his installation as favourite, Mr ap Iorwerth said: "The response I've been getting to my vision for a brighter economic future for Ynys Mdn with more and better jobs is being very well received and as a local boy I''m delighted with that.
Dwelt towards rear, switched left and headway over 2f out, ridden and final furlong, 4th of 12, 1 1/2l behind Ghanaian (9-0) at Lingfield 7f MY GIGI 40-1 (8-12) Tracked leaders, driven to lead inside final 2f, inside final furlong, kept on same pace, 4th of 10, 4 1/2l behind Fort 6f 2yo mdn (4) sft in Oct.
MDN, established in 2001, is an association of individuals for the purpose of discovering and appreciating the works of independent artists, with more than 2,500 members.
For that, Inktomi offers a separate product suite, the Media Distribution Network (MDN), which was spun out of Inktomi's acquisition of FastForward Networks.
Table I indicates that the athletes' most preferred behavior was Positive Feedback (Mdn 4.40) followed in order of preference by Training & Instruction (Mdn = 3.92), Democratic behavior (Mdn = 3.44), Social Support (Mdn = 2.87), with Autocratic behavior (Mdn 2.20) the least preferred coaching behavior.
Included in the coalition were the Proyecto Nacional (PRONAL), Movimiento Nosotros Podemos, Unidad Social Cristiana (USC), Alianza Popular Conservadora (APC), Movimiento de Unidad Revolucionaria (MUR), Movimiento de Renovacion Sandinista (MRS), and Movimiento Democratica Nicaraguense (MDN).
356 bus et camions multifonctions de marque Mercedes-Benz ont ete livres, dimanche par la societe Algerian Motors Services-Mercedes-Benz (AMS-MB) sise a Rouiba a la Direction centrale du materiel relevant du ministere de la Defense nationale (MDN) et d'entreprises economiques publiques et privees.
For example, respondents agreed CMC messages are social forms of communication (M = 4.27, SD = 0.45, Mdn = 4.00), CMC allows relationships to be established (M = 4.24, SD = 0.56, Mdn = 4.00), CMC messages convey feeling and emotion (M = 3.85, SD = 0.62, Mdn = 4.00), CMC allows building of more caring social relationships with others (M = 3.82, SD = 0.77, Mdn = 4.00), and CMC permits building of trust relationships (M = 3.79, SD = 0.60, Mdn = 4.00).