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a stimulant drug that is chemically related to mescaline and amphetamine and is used illicitly for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects

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PMA takes longer to take effect than MDMA, which can lead users to take more of the drug - believing that they have a weak batch of ecstasy - putting them at greater risk of harm.
It is believed that earlier in the night the two men took what they thought to be MDMA and we would urge anyone, especially those going out tonight and who may be planning on taking recreational drugs, to be aware of this incident and to please think twice before taking any unknown substance.
Sharif, 22, of no fixed address, who has admitted some drugs offences, denies a total of three offences of supplying MDMA, five charges of rape and one of sexual assault.
The effects of PMA also take longer than MDMA to begin to be felt, so some users have overdosed by mistakenly taking pill after pill thinking nothing is happening, which can also be fatal.
Christopher Jones, 34, of Charlwood Close, Prenton, Wirral, charged conspiracy to supply cocaine, amphetamine, and MDMA.
Of the 168 participant responses, 46 percent of those whose substances contained MDMA said they intended to take their drug, compared with 26 percent of participants whose substances tested negative for MDMA.
MDMA is a medical drug that started [its] life in the clinical setting.
Conclusion: We found that the former use of cannabis and MDMA is associated with marked elevation in SPS.
AFP Deputy Commissioner Operations Justine Saunders said this is Australias biggest drug bust for 2016 and the amount of crystal MDMA has an estimated street value of $145 million.
Earlier, the NBI said Fontejon and Garcia were positive for MDMA methylene homolog, a laboratory drug considered unfit for human or animal use.
There is no question that medical technology innovators face unique challenges to address the pressing needs facing the health care delivery system, and MDMA will once again be the lead voice to confront them all," said LaViolette.
In addition, the study found that of the 76 MDMA/ecstasy samples submitted for testing, nearly half did not contain any MDMA.
However, it is our duty to alert people to the fact there appears to be a particular batch of MDMA tablets in circulation which are larger than normal and have a significantly higher purity of MDMA, this means the health risk associated with taking these tablets could be even higher.
Apparently,the duo claimed that they procured the MDMA stock from their associate Mohammed Ali in Mumbai.