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Synonyms for volume

Synonyms for volume

a printed and bound work


an issue of printed material offered for sale or distribution

great extent, amount, or dimension

Synonyms for volume

the property of something that is great in magnitude

a publication that is one of a set of several similar publications

Related Words

a relative amount

the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction)

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According to the system planning of the MCV's development, the resident plan of the MCV will be studied intensively at first.
Factfile: Model: Dacia Logan MCV Stepway SE Summit dCi 90 Engine: 1.
MCV should not be the only criteria to order vitamin B12 for anemia under evaluation.
The new Logan MCV Stepway is available with a choice of two engines, the TCe 90 petrol - with CO2 of 115g/km and fuel economy of 55.
We suggested that the DYRK1A gene would also play an important role in the MCV level of pigs based on the finding that eiythrocyte macrocytosis was exhibited in the clinical features of Down syndrome cases in previous studies.
I believe the laws of the public sector need to be revised, and MCV is ready to provide any consultation in regard to structuring a public transport system in Egypt.
The new Luwa MultiCell Filter MCV opens up many opportunities to reduce the required floor space of air conditioning and filtration plants in textile mills and offers the following advantages:
Our laboratory had long used a delta check of the MCV value in patients' CBCs to suggest the possibility of a specimen error, including misidentification.
Ms Doppioslash told ECHO Buisness: "Being named by MCV in their Top 100 Women in Games was very unexpected but certainly a welcome surprise.
Take the Logan MCV - the initials stand for maximum capacity vehicle - out for a spin and a decent ride plus sure-footed handling make driving it a relaxing experience.
Of these two subjects had low B12 and three patients had high MCV levels.
But all 120mm mortar tubes tubes for in MCV Stryker and double "V" hull MCV Vs stress need to be visually inspected immediately.
A statistically significant decrease was observed for hematocrit (Ht) and mean MCV, whereas mean corpuscular hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, and platelet count were increased.