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In order to create a single information system at Proton-PM (Perm Motors) three modules of MCIS (Motion Control Information System) will be implemented.
of SITEK Group started work on MCIS implementation at Proton-PM.
Delta MCIS is confident it can be the best backup power provider and support the growth of business competitiveness.
More information about Delta MCIS products can be found at www.
It is estimated that the transaction will be closed in the Q1 of 2015, following which the general insurance division of MCIS would be merged with and trade under the name Pacific Insurance and become part of the Fairfax Asia group.
MCIS, with a very strong presence in the Malaysian insurance sector, provided great opportunity for the group to expand their operations in the region, said Fairfax chairman and chief executive officer Prem Watsa, We look forward to work with Koperasi MCIS as our new partner in Malaysia, which had been involved in the insurance business for more than five decades, building a reputation as a household brand in the country.
According to agreement, Fairfax will buy the general insurance business of MCIS.
MCIS is an established life and general insurer in Malaysia that had more than US$55 million in gross written premiums in 2013.
Multi-Channel Integration Server and MCIS are trademarks of AMC Technology, L.
As companies consider replacing existing applications for newer technologies, they can protect their investment in the AMC MCIS middleware by swapping out only the CRM adapter or CTI connector for their new chosen platform and leaving all other infrastructure intact.
Companies today, regardless of size, are realizing the importance of maximizing efficiency and productivity to deliver superior levels of customer service and the AMC MCIS product suite allows them to meet these goals.
Besides criminal intelligence data, Memex also is laying the foundation for the sharing of CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) and RMS (Records Management System) data in the MCIS.