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a former province of northwestern France on the English channel

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Another failure of MCI was failing to establish Islamabad Building Control Authority which was to oversee the present building control section of Capital Development Authoritys (CDA) directorate of planning and design.
Importantly, although significant facilitation with repetition occurred in the three groups, performance declined considerably with age and especially with cognitive impairment, as the performance of MCIs did not differ from zero.
(32) The objective of the questionnaire used by MCIs to decide borrowers is to determine eligibility based on expected optimal characteristics for repayment.
Azure enables MCIS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Marshfield Clinic Health System, to take advantage of its premier architecture and design infrastructure to build a better cloud-driven EHR solution.
"As a consequence, MCIS's parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation reported an impairment loss of 3bn Japanese yen (23 million Euros) in the Q3 Financial Report."
Due to the special nature of MCIs, large sample, randomized, controlled study methods cannot be applied in this field.
If conducting a force-on-force event, placing the artillery unit within a constructive simulation allows training of the call-for-fire mission with simulated rounds impacting on live opposing forces (OPFOR) based on the coordinates sent by either voice or through MCIS. The current limitation of replicating simulated indirect fire into a live area still remains--the Soldier must review the monitor to see the effect.
Il volume e la raccolta degli interventi presentad al Convegno omonimo organizzato dal Mediterranean Centre for Intercultural Studies (MCIS) ad Erice nel maggio 2013, e, sin dalla lettura dell'indice, appare chiaro come si sia cercato di armonizzare approcci diversi, certamente tematici e disciplinari, ma anche metodologici: la ricchezza e l'interesse della raccolta consistono proprio nella relazione che il lettore vi puo reperire tra linguistica e cinema, tra letteratura, storia e mito.
Russia will continue to help the Arab world to fend off terrorist threats, said Koshelev, adding that Moscow decided to invite representatives of several Arab nations to partake in the Fourth Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) on April 16-17 to allow Russia-Arab security collaboration to further grow.
Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (TSX: FFH) (TSX: FFH.U) has said that through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Pacific Insurance Berhad, it has entered into a business transfer agreement with MCIS Insurance Berhad and Koperasi MCIS Berhad, under which it will acquire the general insurance business of MCIS, a Malaysian insurer.
(TSX: FFH) (TSX: FFH.U) said that it has entered into a business transfer agreement with MCIS Insurance Berhad (formerly known as MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad) and Koperasi MCIS Berhad pursuant to which it will acquire the general insurance business of MCIS, a Malaysian insurer.
Research has shown that symptoms associated with mild cognitive impairments (MCIs), including difficulty with new learning, forgetfulness, and managing daily activities, are prevalent among cancer survivors (Baxter, Dulworth, & Smith, 2011; Jenkins et al., 2006; Tannock, Ahles, Ganz, & van Dam, 2004).
Entre las mu-jeres, los pun tajes de satisfacciOn con la relaciOn estan positiva-mente asociados con el use de metodos evidentes, mcis que con el no uso (cociente de riesgo relativo, 1.2).