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a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships

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The armament package is to include Oto Melara 76/62 millimetre Super Rapid gun, Rheinmetall Defence Millenium 35 millimetre ILDS, 12-cell VLS for air-defence missile system (expected to be MBDA VL MICA), eight MBDA Exocet ASM and two torpedo launchers plus light guns.
The MBDA Exocet Block 3 will have a land attack capability and a new turbojet to give a range of over 180 km.
The substantially enhanced MBDA Exocet Block III will have a similar capability to Harpoon Block II and replaces the traditional rocket motor with a turbojet that extends the range to 180 kilometres.
Several major systems will be removed from the two ships during the reactivation, including the Seawolf air defence system, two trainable six-barrel launchers, two Type 911 radar trackers and associated computers, and the MBDA Exocet surface-to-surface guided missiles.