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a man-portable surface-to-air missile

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A low-flying jet on strafing or bombing runs can in fact be damaged or even shot down by machine guns, but MANPADS would prove far more deadly and accurate.
MANPADS are used essentially to destroy the attacker before he can make use of his weapons.
Security experts have said that MANPADS could be acquired by militants or smugglers and taken across Libya's porous southern borders into Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger.
Americans who are living or traveling overseas who wish to report the illicit possession of or location of illicitly-held MANPADS should contact the Regional Security Officer (RSO) at the nearest U.
Responding to the threat posed by MANPADS to civil aviation, the U.
There's no way anyone could say with certainty that any MANPADs would not be provided to parties hostile to the United States," said Schroeder, adding that "the U.
Terrorists especially prize Manpads because of their effectiveness against attack helicopters and other aircraft used in counter-insurgency campaigns.
Against Manpads missiles, the technique chosen by the French military is indeed an active system based on a 360[degrees] radar-like system, namely the MWS-20 Damien.
One specific, recent success story in the region are the program visits to the Republic of the Congo in 2007, which led to the disablement of 57 MANPADS and 14 surface-to-air missiles (SAMS) and will soon facilitate the U.
Preventing the spread of MANPADS (man-portable air defence systems) has become a priority in SALW transfer controls for many CIS countries.
Boxer and Northrop officials cited the FBI's warnings of the threat from such missiles and an unsuccessful 2002 MANPADS attack on an Israeli airliner in Kenya.
The airfield-based directed electromagnetic energy system protects against the threat of surface-to-air SAM missiles, including MANPADS (Manportable Air Defence System).
Both the CRS paper and a RAND discussion of the issue agree that a multilayered approach to MANPADS is necessary.
exported Stingers, and (3) the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop technical countermeasures to minimize the threat of a MANPADS attack.
To counter the emerging threat of MANPADS to civil aviation, ministers agreed to expedite feasibility studies for the implementation of Advance Passenger Information Systems and to assess the feasibility of a Regional Immigration Alert System,'' the draft said.